Introducing St. Vincent DePaul in Martinsville

by | Jan 17, 2022

We’ve actually been in Martinsville for about 2 years and have been getting organized and helping many of our neighbors. This is the first post here and we want to become more active with sharing issues we’re seeing, questions we get from people, ways we’re helping and updates on resources that can be helpful to neighbors in need.

There are about 20 of us from the community who are members of our local St. Vincent DePaul. We’re all parishioners at St. Martins of Tours Catholic Church. We welcome anyone to join us no matter their faith. And, we want to be clear that no one has to be a member of our Church to get help. Just contact us and we will see what we can do.

There may be times when we don’t have the resources or expertise to help. But we won’t know unless you trust us with any problems you’re having or ways we could help. Often, even if we can’t provide the help directly, we can give you advice or steer you to the right place that can provide the help. And, we’ll always we willing to offer our prayers.